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Know about Yogee Gems...

Know more about Yogee Gems

Yogee Gems takes the mystery, confusion, and exorbitant retail pricing out of the jewelry buying experience. A Supplier of Moissanite Diamonds and Fine Moissanite luxury jewelry, we at Yogee believe that one doesn't have to compromise on quality or craftsmanship to get an incredible stone or beautifully crafted piece. Our goal is to provide a personal, luxury buying experience without the luxury price tag.

We serve more than 55+ shapes with more than ten color options, in every size.

Yogee continually strives to be a leader in sustainability. We put as much focus on the specs of our gems as we do on the source. Our Moissanite gemstones are lab-grown and hand-cut by professional craftsmen in the INDIA. Here at Yogee, We believe in

Our Values:

We are totally dedicated to the pursuit of perfection

We love to think out of the box and break the old ideology. We always surprise customers with our creativity

We embrace changes and strive for innovation

We conduct ourselves in an honest, trustworthy and ethical manner at all times

We are committed to protecting the environment, and maintaining respectful relations with customers, partners, suppliers, employees, and communities

Our Vision:

Exceptional collection:
Bring to the world a collection of exquisitely designed jewelry, that anticipate and satisfy our client's needs and desires

To create mutual and enduring value with our customers and suppliers to work for a lifetime

Environmental Protection:
We’re committed to protecting the natural world by our small contribution

Our Mission:

To beautify the world with our meticulously crafted fine jewelry

Spreading joy:
To inspire special moments of happiness and celebrations in your life

Make her special:
To enlighten and enrich women’s lives with our jewelry

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